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BIIH Playoffs 2018

Playoff Race On Fire

Changes to draft style introduced this year result in more even line-ups; feedback is positive. With only one week of regular season play left due to a schedule change, only three points separate the top six teams in the league. With the skill packed into every team in the league, anything could happen – and […]

And with the First Overall….. an article by JR

Ladies and Gentlemen, where do we begin…… First off, let me apologize on behalf of the league for not getting this article to you sooner. As I sit down here and begin to type, the pages of my Hawaiian Tropics calendar have already turned to October….YES October! If you’re a numbers person that means a […]

Les’ March 27 Roundup

88s Populate Win Column and Penalty Box vs. Bears The refs earned their pay checks in this wild affair where pre-holiday combatants came in with a few screws loose. This one had late hits, borderline cheap shots and lots of goals. The 88s came out on top 7-5 and are trying to grab some momentum […]