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Pie Squared

Pie Squared is back to full speed – dine-in, take-out and delivery!

If there was ever a time for some great news, now is it. Who better to save the day with little slice of deliciousness than long-time Beijing resident Asher Gillespie, owner and founder of Pie Squared – Beijing’s famous Detroit-style pizza restaurant? Maybe nobody, that’s who. 现在能有什么好消息呢?还真有一个,北京最著名的底特律披萨餐厅方派披萨重新开业了,长期生活在北京的老板兼创始人Asher Gillespie,又开始给他提供美食了,如果你想给自己今天加点料,没问题,他就是你的救星。 Following a brief hiatus after CNY, Asher […]

Wonder Tree - BIIH

BIIH Partners with WonderTree Community of Co-Learners

Beijing International Ice Hockey (BIIH) is proud to announce its newest sponsor, WonderTree! WonderTree is more than an international kindergarten; it is an international community of co-learners, which aims to nurture young learners to grow naturally. With a focus on holistic development in a play-based environment, the campus features plenty of green space, lakes, and […]

BIIH Ugly Sweater Christmas Luncheon: December 8

BIIH Ugly Sweater Christmas Luncheon: December 8

Celebrate the winter holidays in true Beijing hockey fashion! 以北京冰球的方式庆祝冬天的到来 Grab your ugliest holiday sweater, and bring your family to Fella’s on December 8 for the BIIH Ugly Sweater Holiday Luncheon. 带上你最丑的毛衣,12月8日带着你的家人去哥们西餐厅参加丑毛衣节日午餐会。 We’ll be serving a traditional holiday meal with roasted turkey and mashed potatoes, plus holiday drink options including mulled wine. 我们将为您提供一顿传统的节日大餐,包括烤火鸡和土豆泥,以及包括红酒在内的节日饮料。 See the […]