Parking Lot Sauna

Finns Heat Up the League with Epic Parking Lot Sauna [COOLER Heads Prevail]

Sunday night in the BIIH saw spirited action in the rink, but the real highlight was a treat from our Finnish pals in our most revered arena, the parking lot.

The boys constructed an authentic Finnish tent sauna, complete with wood-fired hot stove, pine benches, hot rocks, bucket and ladle… even baked snags ready to rip!

While Kyostyi, Jani, Aki, Marko, Mikko and Keijo got the fire rolling out in the stove, the Bears continued to roll on the ice. Mike Kusy and the gang topped the Bulls 7-6, then swiftly left the building and got the hell out to the parking lot to start crushing beers in the Bulls-branded sauna.

With refs hard to find, the late game saw the Expos top the HotWings 9-7. This game featured the quick feet of Expos leader Ian Fontaine, and the final game for Quacken-loaned player, Wei Wu. His BIIH season is cut short as he is flying to the US next week. No one asked what for, and that’s how we like it. You’ll be missed!

A good sweat was had by all, and many beers were drank in the process. A huge ‘kiitos’ to the Finns for making that special evening happen, and a Happy New Year to everyone!

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