Pie Squared

Pie Squared is back to full speed – dine-in, take-out and delivery!

If there was ever a time for some great news, now is it. Who better to save the day with little slice of deliciousness than long-time Beijing resident Asher Gillespie, owner and founder of Pie Squared – Beijing’s famous Detroit-style pizza restaurant? Maybe nobody, that’s who.

现在能有什么好消息呢?还真有一个,北京最著名的底特律披萨餐厅方派披萨重新开业了,长期生活在北京的老板兼创始人Asher Gillespie,又开始给他提供美食了,如果你想给自己今天加点料,没问题,他就是你的救星。

Following a brief hiatus after CNY, Asher fired up the ovens again and had been working six days a week, and long days at that, with a skeleton crew – just himself and two other people. Running a reduced team meant that he wasn’t able to get much sleep, much less offer deliveries, but he persevered. That’s a Pizza Cup champion attitude if you ask me. Now though, as of April 14, the full Pie Squared menu is back online and the delivery team is back and raring to bring cheesy, meaty (or veggie) goodness right to your door/compound gate.


With gorgeous weather and blue skies now a near-daily expectation in the nation’s capital, it’s always a good decision to head down to Pie Squared (XiangJiang Bei Lu #2 Cathay View Plaza, behind DD’s Supermarket and next to Roundabout) and sit out on the patio area to enjoy a slice (or ten), a cold beverage of your choice (selection of Jing A and Slowboat available in bottles and on tap), and get back to feeling like a real human again. There’s a basketball hoop for the kiddos and regular games of Kan-Jam or Cornhole (bean-bag toss) are as likely to spring up as mushrooms in hot pot.


Get out of the home office and get a pizza with free Vitamin D on the patio. Delivery available for those who prefer by calling in your order to 6438-2112. WeChat, Alipay and cash payments accepted.


Check out the full menu at: http://www.piesquaredchina.com/

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