Bulls make like in Pamplona and trample Hot Wings in week 12

Week 12 kicked off with a matinée between the Bulls seeking to reach the top of the standings and the Wings attempting to establish consistency within their game. The early game brought a clash between the Hot Wings captain and superstar Chris Clarky with his running mate Catlin Adams and Bulls youngster duo Juice and Eerik Harju.

With an important two points at stake, both teams brought their A games tonight, but eventually the Bulls prevailed with the score of 6-2 after one empty net goal. The game was a lot closer than the score indicates, until the very end where Pat, the newly wed, broke free and popped his cherry shorthanded.

Although the Guardians, Nate and Sasha Saaaaaa stole the show most of the game, the Bulls PK unit got the job done and added two shorties to win the game. The superstars Clarky and Catlin were held pointless throughout the game, while the power duo picked up 3 points each.

As the Grinders lost in regulation and the Bears only managed to pick up one point from a shootout loss, the Bulls sit one point shy of the league leading Bears and prepare to overtake them next Monday as the two top teams play each other.

The Wings on the other hand try to turn things around again and catch the sophomore 88’s team as they meet at 8:15 p.m. on Sunday.


Article by Joose Harju

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