Season: 2013-2014


BIIH - Oilers


The Oilers were born in the 2013-14 season, evolving from the Originals, which had a core group of Dragons at its foundation before that. With its logo a local version of the NHL team, the Beijing Oilers look to win a championship again, something they did once as the Originals in 2012-13. 北京油人队诞生于2013-2014赛季,追根溯源的说,是从一块龙鳞甲(北京龙之队)为内核建立起来的,它的标志是使用NHL球队埃蒙顿油人外形,并嵌入了一些本地元素,这支球队看起来又为总冠军做好了准备,因为他们曾经在2012-2013赛季做到过一次。 Previous team […]

Expos - BIIH team logo 2023


After the Emperors became the only team in BIIH history to fold in 2012-13, the Expos were born of two French Canadians. Known for their class and branded team gear like the signature batting helmet and roller cooler, this team has helped build the league since the draft era began.在北京皇帝队于2012-2013赛季结束之后成为历史之后,Expos队由两位来自法语区的加拿大人组建而成,你知道这个球队的名片就是,带有他们特色的棒球头盔和摔跤面具,同时也是这个球队帮助联盟进入了每年都重新选秀的时代。 Captains / 现任队长: Richard Zhou, Chris […]

Hot Wings - BIIH team logo 2023


A founding team in the Beijing International Ice Hockey league, this group of beauties of wore hot pink jerseys in their first season. The Hot Wings have built a tradition of winning when it matters, and are always having a good time.这是一只自联盟创始以来就存在的球队,这帮家伙穿着粉色的球衣开始了他们的第一个赛季,热翼是一支拥有总冠军传统的球队,而且他们始终懂得如何在比赛和生活中寻找快乐。 Founded / 建立时间: 2006-07 Captains / 现任队长: Liam Mather, Tiger Gao Championships / […]

Bulls - BIIH team logo 2023


Built from co-founder of the BIIH Sean Sparling, the Beijing Bulls have always shown great leadership. A few rough years at the bar have cost the Bulls some Ws, but come draft day everybody’s hoping at least little bit for a Bulls hat.这支球队是由联盟的创始人之一Sean Sparling创立的,北京公牛队始终表现出伟大的领导力,虽然他们经常因为喝太多而输掉一些比赛,但是当选秀来临的时候,每个人都希望自己能获得一顶公牛队的帽子。Previous team name – 曾用名: Ice Hogs – 冰上野猪 Captains – 现任队长: Michael […]

Revs - BIIH team logo 2023


The Revs are an original BIIH team. The Revs have always been about fun and have had a team-first attitude. The Revs system has also proven a rich source of future captains, having helped develop the likes of Bob Ring, “Jo Tates”, Les Honywill, Teppo Helles, and others. The current branding style was adopted for […]