BIIH Awards – Recognizing Excellence

Count Draxler Award

The Draxler Award

Awarded to the player that best displays "Behavior Above and Beyond"

Named after Norbert Draxler, whom we made a "Count" after he got a tattoo of a maple leaf in an effort to persuade Canadian immigration officials during the 1997 Bangkok Tournament. Also in Bangkok he had clearly not been briefed on what a "katoy" was.

Below is the honour roll of those from Beijing Hockey who made touring more than worth the price of airfare. They are always welcome back!

  • 2012 - Bangkok +35 - Brian Bedford (Can)
    For finding the girl who could scream her hands off!
  • 2007 - Ulaan Baatar - Tom McCabe (Can)
    Girl... revolving door...
  • 1999 - Dubai - Tomi Niskakoski (Fin): 
    Don't get locked in the bar!
  • 1999 - Manila - Tomi Niskakoski (Fin): 
    For finding Hollywood...
  • 1998 - Ulaan Baatar - Andrew Hjelmeland (USA)
    Italian Lesbian in Mongolia!?!
  • 1998 - Bangkok - George Zarifi (Grk)
    Confusion in a bar. Drinks blamed
  • 1997 - Bangkok - Norbert Draxler (Ger)
    Myth, man, legend: stated 'what are you, girl or boy...'

Larry Finkel Award

The Larry Finkel Awaard

Awarded for Spectaular Plays On or Off the Ice While on Tour

"The most famous hockey trophy in Asia"

Named after Larry Finkel, who played hockey in Beijing in the late 1990's, Larry was famous for his first three strides away from the bench, and then a amazing glide for the next 5-minutes.

This trophy is awarded only on tour - and only for spectacular plays on or off of the ice that have helped create the legend of Beijing Hockey. Errant shots, passes, police, alcohol and soldiers have been involved.

  • 1997 - Hong Kong Larry Finkel (USA)
    Myth, man, legend: Started here in HK! Share your room!
  • 1997 - Bangkok - John Jeakins (Can)
    When you say you are going to tour... you go!
  • 1998 - Hong Kong - Ray Plummer (Can)
    30-seconds left, off his D-mates butt and past Pascal (Hair-Sweater)
  • 1998 - Ulaan Baatar - Greg MacIsaac (Can)
    Our only goalie is detained by the PSB leaving China. Tough to play sans goalie!
  • 2000 - Ulaan Baatar - Dan Koldyk (Can): 
    Shift change that created a 4-on-0 and lost the tournament
  • 2000 - Bangkok - Roman Lebedev (Rus): 
    Tournament was in BKK, not MNL (Manila). Coming with 2 "supporters" helped but he still missed the first day of games
  • 2005 - Ulaan Baatar - Ben (Chn): 
    Taking photos of yourself taken and then made available to the team
  • 2007 - Ulaan Baatar - Gervais Lavoie  (Can)
    For a shot on his own goalie and finding out why one should never pass in front of your own net... even on a 5-on-3 power play!
  • 2008 - Ulaan Baatar - "Yoko" Tormanen (Fin):
    For getting himself, the Mongolian organizer of the tournament and two past Finkel recipients 'detained' by police because "he just had to go!"
  • 2008 - DPRK - On the DMZ -  Mark Andrews (Can):
    It must be special for a Shanghai guest player to win. It was unanimous that taking a photo and having a machinegun toting soldier single him out to delete it met all criteria! He needed that spare pair of underwear
  • 2009 - Beijing Taxi - Tom McCabe (Can):
    Forgetting his team's new jerseys in a taxi!
  • 2011 - Bangkok +35 - George Smith (USA):
    Leaving his computer, passport etc... in lobby, and having issues with glass doors
  • 2012 - Bangkok +35 - Brian Bedford (Can):
    Daytime mugging by / of a flock of KaToy

Past non-tour actions that have NOT been worthy of awards (15-yrs of experience and after hundreds of players... these are some of the best bone-head moments):
- getting into a street fight and thrown in jail in Beijing for 30-days
- getting your furry back hair waxed by a teammate
- getting in debt to "Russian friends" to the tune of US$10,000!
- getting the team kicked out of the arena for a month (2x by 2 players)
- throwing full diapers at policemen from a speeding car
- having a permanent private room at Maggie's
- getting arrested / deported for writing an article in the Canadian press
- getting a drunk Irishman to play goalie who had never had skates on before
- getting asked to leave China after giving "brownies" to your teacher
- letting your Newfoundlander (huge dog) onto the rink to take a leak!

League Ambassador Award

Awarded to the Player Who Promotes the Values & Benefits of the BIIH

  • 2018 - Andrew Walton (CAN)
  • 201- - Kevin Yung (USA)
  • 201- - Theophile Seyrig (FRA)
  • 201- - Chris Clark (USA)
  • 201- - 
  • 201- -