– Guardians –

The Guardians are the cornerstones of the BIIH – they make the games exciting, denying would-be point getters from the first puck drop till the final whistle of the final game.

Guardians Roster 2016-2017

队员位置GPGoals AgainstGoals Against Average
canRicky ZuckerGoalie111.00
rusG – Arseniy SlobodchikovGoalie19562.95
gbrSteve NightingaleGoalie28853.04
canJohn RobinsonGoalie16523.25
usaNathan IdeGoalie24863.58
rusVladislov IvanovGoalie8313.88
gerGUARDIANS Alex SamarkinAlex SamarkinGoalie18734.06
canDavid MunroGoalie15835.53
chnRay XuGoalie191075.63
rusMisha (Mikhail) BorodinGoalie15875.80
canRichard IveyGoalie16976.06
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